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St. Joseph's University

Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 164

“I had entered the Late Spring 2008 TestMasters course with what I felt was a relatively mediocre score (153) and I even went down on my first diagnostic (151). I did not feel confident about applying to my preferred Law Schools, and I was especially annoyed because I felt that my score did not properly represent my previous work in college and high school. Where I had excelled in my courses that emphasized critical thinking and writing (history and philosophy classes), for some reason my skills were not translating onto my LSAT score. My TestMasters class helped me to improve my score greatly. My teacher was extremely dedicated to helping us perform better on test day, and the homework assignments greatly improved my ability to break questions down and locate the answers. I had improved by 10 points by the time of the second diagnostic and continued to score in the 160s afterward. I got my highest score yet (164) when I took the official June 2008 LSAT. I now feel much better about applying to law school, and I thank the people at TestMasters for helping me to realize my goals.”