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College of William & Mary

Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 167

“The law school admissions process requires applicants to make several important decisions. Undoubtedly, the most important of these is deciding how to prepare for the LSAT, which is a significant factor in law school admissions. Faced with a subpar GPA, I knew that I needed to perform well on this test if I was to get into my target schools. For this reason, I chose to prepare with TestMasters. I could not be happier with the decision I made: after taking the TestMasters course, I raised my score 10 points to a 167. I am convinced that this score was integral in my admission to my top choice law school.

TestMasters is different from other prep programs not only for its innovative techniques, but for its personal touch. This is evidenced by their academic support department, which allows students to confer with instructors regarding any LSAT questions they might have. I utilized this service on several occasions, and found it to be an invaluable resource in my LSAT preparation; it was like having a personal tutor at my beck and call. I found all of the instructors to be incredibly helpful, courteous, and patient.

Another example of this personal attention can be seen in the actions of my classroom instructor, Kyle. Throughout my time in the course, I took several self-proctored practice tests; these were scored online, which helped me to target potential areas of improvement. When I came into class the following week, Kyle would approach me and comment on the scores I had received. It was clear that he had studied my results; he suggested exercises I should complete to improve my score on certain sections and question types. I am convinced that this personal attention I received helped me improve my score.

After speaking with friends in other LSAT test prep courses, I am convinced that TestMasters is the best. I will continue to recommend this program to all of my friends who take the LSAT.”