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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 162

After TestMasters: 172

“As an engineer, I far prefer math and science to history and English. So naturally I decided to pursue a career in the reading-intensive field of law. While taking my first diagnostic at TestMasters I almost began to cry as four dense passages and an army of logical reasoning paragraphs taunted me. I ended up acing the games, but missed nine reading comprehension and six logical reasoning questions per section on that diagnostic. It became readily apparent that my reading skills weren’t up to snuff.

That’s where TestMasters came to the rescue. My fabulous instructor gave me both the confidence and skills necessary to tackle the LR and RC sections of the test, and I improved a solid ten points on my LSAT. That’s pretty remarkable considering those ten points came from only three sections of the test! There’s no way I could have achieved my goal of a 170 without him and the ridiculous amount of practice material TestMasters provided us. Fifteen lengthy homework assignments and thirteen diagnostics made me hungry for the LSAT, and when test day arrived it was second nature. I had some pretty severe withdrawal symptoms after it was all over.

I highly recommend TestMasters to anyone who wants to see noticeable improvements in their score. It certainly helped my classmates and me, and I am positive that it will do the same for you!”