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Cal State San Bernardino

Before TestMasters: 158

After TestMasters: 172

“I initially planned to take the LSAT without taking prep classes. I was even registered for the June 2006 test, but did not attend after my professor strongly recommended I take TestMasters. I’m glad I did. My first score of 158 at TestMasters was very disappointing for me. After weeks of instruction that were not only educational and interesting, but also light-hearted and entertaining, I improved dramatically, thanks to my instructor David Yi. The last score I received on a practice LSAT with TestMasters was a 172—the same score I would receive on my actual LSAT. Had I not taken TestMasters, I would not have had a chance to get into my target schools. Now I’m almost a sure thing. My instructor was awesome, and I have no doubt that anyone could’ve gotten a great score with the advice he and TestMasters gave me by putting in the time necessary. TestMasters, in my opinion, is required for anyone considering law school.”