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University of Texas

Before TestMasters: 147

After TestMasters: 159

“Standardized tests have always been my weakness. I knew I needed a class that would give me both individual attention as well as group collaboration. TestMasters satisfied both of these needs. The intimate class setting gave me the confidence to ask questions, and I also learned a lot from my peers. I felt challenged to do better, and I never felt embarrassed if I got a question wrong. I also loved how the class gave me the opportunity to study on my own at home. Through the homework and the supplemental sections, I knew that I had the best material to study with. When it was time to take the LSAT, I was confident that I would not be surprised by any of the questions, because TestMasters dedicated specialized time to each section and to all the different question types. TestMasters helped me believe that I could tackle the LSAT and improve my score!”