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Trinity University

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 164

“I learned about the TestMasters LSAT course through a friend who got a near-perfect score on his LSAT. He recommended the course wholeheartedly, and for good reason. I chose to enroll in the online course, since I was trying to balance studying for the LSAT with finals, a job, and being captain of my sports team. The flexibility of the online course was perfect for me, and I didn’t feel like the quality of the instruction I received was being sacrificed because I wasn’t being tutored in a classroom. The sheer amount of test material would have been helpful by itself, but the way the TestMasters system outlines different types of questions and provides explanations for the questions in every chapter helped me understand the LSAT better than I ever thought I could. The combination of practice tests and questions divided by type helped me determine where my strengths and weaknesses were, which anyone will tell you is the key to success on this test. I loved being able to control the pace of the course and focus on the specific types of questions that I felt required more time to fully understand. The TestMasters course helped me feel prepared and in control on my test date, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score.”