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Texas A&M University

Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 169

“TestMasters works. Whether you are looking for the big score increase or just trying to get those last few points to hit your ideal score, the TestMasters course will cover you. The breadth and depth of materials is key. However, the unique organization of real exam questions, online resources, and effective instructors is what really makes this course work. If you want to work through every question ever published, they’re all in the materials. But if you need to balance schoolwork and this course, TestMasters’ lessons and homework materials make all the time you spend the most effective. The best part is that TestMasters’ approach to ALL the questions is consistent, so when you target one question type that is tripping you up, your proficiency in all the question types increases. I’ve heard stories of instructors at other test prep companies “learning the test along with the students” (the horror!), but TestMasters’ instructors are not only top notch, they have gone through intensive training, and have access to extensive, ongoing teaching resources.”