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Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 171

“I knew preparing for the LSAT while working full-time would be a challenge, but the course helped me score even higher than my goal. It definitely takes work and time, but TestMasters makes sure you focus on the right things and don’t waste any effort.

I always felt like class was an efficient and productive use of my time. My instructor, Gabe Broughton, was great at feeling out if the class needed a question or topic explained in a different way or if he could move on to something else. I also appreciated the mix of conceptual and example-based lessons. The course was very effective at picking out LSAT questions that incorporated concepts, strategies, and patterns that would continue to show up on other questions. Gabe carefully walked us through each of the questions in the materials and clearly taught us not only why the right answers were right but also why the wrong answers were wrong. When test day came, I felt ready and I was very happy with the results.”