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University of Wisconsin

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 167

“Without TestMasters I would never have achieved a 167 on the LSAT. Prior to taking the course my score had stagnated well below my goal and I had no clue what to do about it. I was doing everything the home prep books told me to yet my score did not budge for a full month. Thankfully I came across Zac Henderson, my future TestMasters instructor, at a law school fair and his enthusiasm about what I perceived to be a boring, painful test had me hooked. The horror stories I had heard from friends and family about their scores decreasing or stagnating from various LSAT prep options immediately came to mind. Yet from the first week of class my worries were put at ease. Yes, TestMasters has high expectations for the amount of time you dedicate to studying, but it is completely manageable if you prioritize correctly. Zac was more than willing to walk me through any questions I had during class and the resources available online were invaluable. I would highly recommend TestMasters to anyone serious about doing well on the LSAT!”