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University of Colorado

Before TestMasters: 139

After TestMasters: 162

“I want to thank you for your excellent LSAT program and the impact it has had on my future. I’m tremendously grateful for the exceptional curriculum and approach you offer your students and cannot imagine taking the LSAT without first taking TestMasters. My score on the first TestMasters practice test was a 139. I ended up scoring a 162 on the actual test—a score I am personally satisfied with and one that has helped me receive scholarships from every school I have been accepted to so far.

Looking back on my TestMasters experience, I can say that my instructor, Palmer Heenan, deserves the most credit for my success on the LSAT. Palmer is an incredibly dedicated instructor and approaches the art of teaching with true compassion and humility. I can say this because Palmer goes above and beyond for his students, encouraging them to reach out to him via phone and email at almost any time of the day. Moreover, Palmer brings a positive attitude and sense of humor with him to every lesson. He actually enjoys the LSAT, which is kind of crazy, but his attitude is infectious and benefits all of his students. I have been lucky enough in my life to meet certain people who have helped me overcome obstacles when I really needed help. Palmer is one of those people. Thanks so much to TestMasters and Palmer for helping me succeed in the law school admissions process.”