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Barnard College

Before TestMasters: 174

After TestMasters: 179

“I absolutely loved the TestMasters course! The small class size really allowed for each person to participate and get individualized feedback and answers to questions, which, in turn, allowed our instructor Hailey to really cater to each of our strengths and weaknesses. The class size also allowed us to learn from each other’s questions and right and wrong answers as well as from the planned lessons and course materials. This process of learning as a group demonstrated for me how well the TestMasters methodology truly worked. Although we each came in with a different way of looking at questions and a different degree of preexisting aptitude, the skills and tools that we were learning could be systematically applied to any given question by each of us.

I personally felt that this course made two major contributions to my test taking.The first was that when I chose an answer, I almost always knew with confidence exactly why that was the correct answer, as opposed to just feeling as though it was. The second contribution was the sheer volume of questions that we completed and reviewed, both on our own and in class, within the framework of given lessons. I became so familiar with the way that the LSAT writers structure their various questions and the common types of ’sucker choice’ answers, that I quickly began to see red flags in answer choices that I otherwise might have had a much harder time eliminating. This allowed me to get through the test questions more quickly while at the same time getting fewer wrong answers.”