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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 164

“I realized that my decision to take TestMasters was going to pay off the moment my materials arrived in the mail. Along with all of the practice exams I needed, I could tell that the workbooks provided would help me to really drill in the information. The website was very easy to navigate, and I was easily able to find where all of my course materials corresponded with pages, reviews, and explanations of problems online.

Alexis Wansac was my LSAT instructor, and I don’t think any other person could have done the job quite as well. She was not only as knowledgeable as could be regarding the material, but also informal and accessible to us in every way. She was great at understanding and answering our questions about the exam, quick with advice on law school applications, and approachable in every respect.

If I had to decide which aspect of the TestMasters course was the most valuable, I would choose the practice tests and accompanying answers and explanations online. Being able to track my progress with a chronological score chart was very useful, as were the thousands of practice problems we were given to complete in every section of the homework. Categorizing questions by similar type was also instrumental.

I would recommend this course above any of its competitors to a student considering guided LSAT preparation. Not only is it worth the investment, but enrollment can be transferred to different locations throughout the three-month curriculum, and the materials provided are more than enough to master the subject matter.”