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Whittier College

Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 165

“TestMasters is certainly the course to choose for LSAT preparation. Having taken another LSAT prep course but not performing as well on the actual exam as I would have liked (receiving a 151), I was skeptical as to whether I was actually able to improve at all. However, with constant practice and the abundance of helpful materials Testmasters provides, I raised my score to a 165 the next time I took the actual test. I made sure that I covered the majority of the required work, and I utilized much of the supplemental material. Timing was one of the areas I needed the most improvement in, I found the abundance of timed sections in the Testmasters books to be very useful. In addition, my instructor was very engaging and helpful. I am certain that her positive reinforcement and willingness to provide assistance greatly enhanced my performance on the actual LSAT. I believe that any student willing to put in the time and effort that Testmasters deems necessary will find significant improvement far from impossible.”