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University of Illinois

Before TestMasters: 150

After TestMasters: 166

“Let me start by saying I have never written a review for any service or product before. I reached out to TestMasters to do this because I feel compelled to vouch for their service and share my experience. Over the course, my score rose from a 150 to a 166 on the actual LSAT. However, it is worth noting that I signed up for TestMasters a day late and took Diagnostic 1 on my own after two weeks of instruction. I say this because 150 may not be an accurate measure of how far I actually came. My score very well may have increased by 20+ points.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with my score and very impressed with TestMasters as a whole. My instructor, Josh Holtzman, was an excellent teacher, easy to work with, and always eager to help. In my opinion, he was as good, if not a better teacher than any college professor I had. Also, the materials and resources you have at your disposal are overly sufficient. You are given more real LSAT problems than you could probably use, which is extremely helpful when trying to hone your skills in certain areas that you find difficult. Furthermore, for some reason I was expecting a large classroom size and long lectures. On the contrary, it was a small group and the lessons were very hands-on and interactive. Lastly, I thought the diagnostic exams were key. There are six proctored diagnostics throughout the class with review sessions the following day. I cannot emphasize how important I thought it was to have all this experience under my belt to feel comfortable at the LSAT, on an already stressful day. Equally as important are those review sessions. You can take 40 practice tests but you are not going to improve if there is no review of your mistakes, as well as what you are doing correctly.

I could go on about the details of the course, but what matters in LSAT preparation is results. Top 25 schools that I would not have dreamed of applying to have been waiving my application fees in light of my score. A school that I was initially worried about getting admitted into before the class just offered me a full ride. As I see it, the factors that would inhibit someone from taking this course are cost and time. But as I just demonstrated the price of TestMasters is a mere fraction of what you can obtain in scholarship money or the value of getting into a better law school. Also, time is a requirement of doing well on the LSAT and with TestMasters you know that your time is being used efficiently and that you are improving. If you are serious about attending law school, do yourself a favor and sign up. TestMasters will allow you to score to the best of your abilities. I give this course my strongest recommendation.”