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Before TestMasters: 157

After TestMasters: 169

“The first time I took the LSAT, I studied on my own with a bunch of Kaplan and LSAC books. I got a 157, which is in the 71st percentile.

I decided I could, and would, do better, so, after reading through reviews and class descriptions online, I chose TestMasters. After the class, I got a 169, which is in the 96th percentile.

It’s not just the formal practice tests which are invaluable for the nervous test takers, and it’s not just the clever strategies that focus your test skills into LSAT mastery, and it’s not just the enormous amount of questions you’re assigned a week that make every new question you come across something you’ve already been seen before, something you’ve already been tricked by, and something you’ve already figured out. It’s the instructors.

My primary instructor, Leah Milbauer, hadn’t just perfected the LSAT itself, she also knew all the ins and outs of the application process, what law schools look for, and what law school is like. She was in law school at NYU so her answers came from direct experience. In class, she was able to clearly explain all the tough LSAT questions in a way that enabled you to get other tough ones right when you encountered them. From what I can tell, TestMasters is the most selective LSAT course available. I don’t think any other LSAT course has the quality of instructors that I had at TestMasters.”