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University of Pennsylvania

Before TestMasters: 156

After TestMasters: 170

“Preparing for the LSAT can be a stressful undertaking. For me, TestMasters eased that stress. I hadn’t even cracked a prep book before my TestMasters course began, so I can say with confidence that TestMasters gave me the structure and support I needed to raise my score immensely. The TestMasters curriculum begins by teaching the core logical concepts on which the test hangs. By first getting a strong grasp of the constructs that underlie the LSAT, I was well equipped to absorb the subsequent material, and did so at a fast pace. The course also did a great job of pointing out patterns and trends in the questions, which proved incredibly valuable on test day. Furthermore, both during and after the course, I had the support of the full TestMasters staff, and each person I interacted with, whether in person or online, was devoted to my success. Moreover, the individualized support I received from my live class instructor, Robin Singh, also the course author, was truly wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Not only was he always available for questions, but he was able to target my weaknesses and suggest methods for improvement. If you want to feel prepared and assured on test day, choose TestMasters!”