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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 161

After TestMasters: 169

“The TestMasters LSAT course was phenomenal. It prepared me for the test as well as I could possibly have imagined, and I enjoyed attending.

My instructor Sam Lehman really cared about his students, and it showed in his teaching. His goal was to make sure that everyone understood the material, and he had a gift for helping us reach that goal. No question was too silly, and he took the time to make sure he connected with us.

The most satisfying part of the course was the fact that it was designed to actually teach us the material. This was not designed to help us figure out how to cheat the system; instead, Sam taught us the basic logic principles required to do well. That may seem minor, but it helped me feel like I was being treated with respect, as well as providing a foundation for being able to answer unexpected questions on the day of the test.

The course also uses actual test questions, which limits the surprises on test day. There is no substitute for the themes and word choices of the test writers, and it was a huge relief to take the test and see questions I recognized.

In sum, I cannot say enough positive things about this course. It was fantastic.”