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Before TestMasters: 152

After TestMasters: 164

“One of the most important ways that TestMasters prepared me for the LSAT was by helping manage the vast supply of available test materials and providing a plan and schedule to learning the different aspects of the exam. With so many years of previous tests and thousands of LSAT questions released, TestMasters provided a clear starting line and starting pace that helped me become familiar with a testing experience that was foreign to me at the time. The lesson schedule enabled me to create a foundation to understanding the test, which I was then able to build upon, where I could become more comfortable with managing time and with identifying my strengths and weaknesses. My instructor Tony was also very helpful in leading us through the course, clarifying concepts and providing the voice of someone who had successfully gone through the experience. Having him as a teacher was not only valuable in learning to handle the LSAT, but also in the advice he gave on the application process and on handling life once enrolled in law school.”