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UC Santa Barbara

Before TestMasters: 156

After TestMasters: 170

“Enrolling in TestMasters was a smart choice because it made the exam easier to understand, helping me conquer it. After every lesson, I had clear instructions on how to attack a particular type of question, breaking the LSAT down from an intimidating exam to a methodological way of answering questions. I learned strategies I would not have noticed simply by studying past exams on my own.

Even though I was getting 7-8 questions wrong in the logic games, it was still my strongest section. However, just a couple of weeks into the course, I was scoring perfectly in logic games. It was an incredible feeling! It was one less thing for me to worry about, so I could pay attention instead to the logical reasoning questions, which were giving me the most trouble.

Marissa, my instructor, was really helpful and gave me pointers for specific issues that focused my efforts. At first, I didn’t see any improvement in my logical reasoning performance, but Marissa helped me look at the section from a different perspective; it wasn’t a particular type of logical reasoning that was giving me trouble but some flawed methods of reasoning that I hadn’t yet learned to identify. Once I mastered the flaws, I saw a drastic change in my performance in this section.

Because of the regular diagnostic exams, I could see my progress after every week. After my intensive summer course with TestMasters, I am thrilled with my performance on the LSAT, which is 14 points higher than my starting score. TestMasters was well worth the money, and I’m so glad I’m done with the LSAT!”