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Before TestMasters: 144

After TestMasters: 156

“One of the primary reasons I decided to take TestMasters was that they offered lots of flexibility, from financial deadlines to make-up lessons and locations. The materials they provided were very detailed and I did not have to buy any extra materials. I really liked that we could submit questions online at any time and get a response fairly quickly. Before taking this course I had never looked at an LSAT exam, but as the course progressed I became confident, and after three months my score increased 12 points from my first diagnostic! I loved the helpful tips and tricks they gave us regarding the day of the exam. When the day of the exam arrived I was equipped with all the skills I needed, from what to do a couple of days before the exam, to what to do the morning of the exam, and even tips to maintain focus during the break of the exam. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!”