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UC Berkeley

Before TestMasters: 166

After TestMasters: 172

“TestMasters blew me away with their in-depth and sophisticated approach to LSAT preparation. I would recommend that every student take a TestMasters course before attempting to study on their own, because the course completely rewired my approach to the LSAT and showed me how to analyze the questions from the perspective of the test writers. After a month, I gained an intuition about which answers were likely to be correct. When the course ended, I was confident that I had all the knowledge necessary to succeed on the test and that I just needed to keep practicing. TestMasters provides hard copies of hundreds of real LSAT questions per lesson, and I never ran out of material to study. They also provide an online study center that allows you to submit questions and receive detailed answers within 24 hours. I used this extensively while studying on my own, and was able to get answers to all the questions I did not ask in class. Finally, my instructor provided moral support and helpful life advice to help me structure my studying and to keep me motivated on the road to the LSAT!”