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College of William & Mary

Before TestMasters: 146

After TestMasters: 168

“At first the TestMasters live course seems like a big commitment, but in the long run I felt it actually saved me a lot of time. I tried self-studying but realized it was too inefficient; I lost a lot of time just searching for (and often failing to find) explanations that addressed my specific problems.

I found TestMasters to be invaluable to my LSAT prep. In addition to a searchable archive of every LSAT question ever published, TestMasters provides a score report for each test so you can see what types of questions you consistently struggle with. Instructors have access to this information so they can tailor reviews to students’ specific problems, and I often consulted the online academic support for further explanations. My instructor was really enthusiastic and always encouraged us not to be intimidated by the LSAT which made studying for it a lot less tedious.

By the end of the course I had done so many practice problems and full tests that when I finally took my LSAT, I wasn’t nervous because I felt I had prepared well.”