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Davidson College

Before TestMasters: 158

After TestMasters: 168

“I would highly recommend taking a TestMasters prep course. My instructor Amy was so clear at explaining things in class and ruling out tempting wrong answer choices. We had a pretty big class, but she took the time to get to know each of us and answer our questions even outside of class time. She was also a great motivator.

Another strength of TestMasters is the sheer amount of material they give you. They mail you a giant box of books with about ten gazillion practice questions in them. This may seem extreme, but it really helps to have so much material because you start to see the patterns in types of questions. After you realize that so many of the questions are just different iterations of the same question disguised with new subject matter, the test is not nearly as intimidating. I was really happy with my LSAT score—a 168—and I know TestMasters’ tips and tricks were what gave me the extra boost.”