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Before TestMasters: 145

After TestMasters: 169

“I truly loved TestMasters and strongly encourage anyone thinking about taking the LSAT to take a prep course with them. I had never heard anything spectacular about other test prep courses, but was told that TestMasters was the course to take. After spending my summer studying with TestMasters, I know why my friends told me to use them: my score went up 24 points. I remember reading these testimonials after my first diagnostic when I was discouraged by my low score, and thinking that I could not raise my score above 20 points as some of the people boasted...but I did raise my score over that limit, and it was all because of the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course because my instructor was engaging and cared about his students learning the material. The course is set up so that you are prepared for anything that will come at you on the test. Even though there is a lot of homework, by the time I was done with all of the problems at my disposal, I had encountered every single question ever given in modern LSAT history...this way I went into the test knowing what to expect—and it obviously paid off. I sincerely recommend everyone taking the LSAT to study with TestMasters. I might not be getting into my dream schools if it weren’t for them.”