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Before TestMasters: 148

After TestMasters: 162

“Due to time constraints, I signed up for the February 2008 LSAT and started preparing in December to take the test. I had heard horror stories from students about the ‘tricks’ Kaplan and Princeton used in their courses, none of which had worked for any of my friends on test day. A fellow student told me that TestMasters was the only resource in LSAT prep, so I signed up for the course. I was originally dismayed when in the beginning of January I got a 148 on my practice test. I only had 5 weeks to prepare! Luckily, TestMasters employs incredible, positive, and thorough teachers who really believe in you and will do anything to help motivate you! With the help of my teacher and the incredible program designed by Robin, I improved my original score 14 points by scoring a 162 on my LSAT. I have never felt so confident about my abilities and am so excited about being able to apply to law school. Thanks for everything TestMasters!”