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University of Central Florida

Before TestMasters: 144

After TestMasters: 158

“I heard about the TestMasters course by accident. I had originally planned to take a course students told me was ‘efficient enough’ or ‘all right.’ However, a few days before I would have made that mistake, I attended a TestMasters introductory seminar. Instantly I knew it was the right course to take. I had never studied for the LSAT before—I went in completely blind. I knew from previous experience that I was a horrible standardized test taker and knew the odds were against me. Yet after meeting my teacher Michael and reading through the material, I saw I had a chance to improve my score. Michael was extremely knowledgable about all things LSAT and test taking. He was personable, engaging, and smart, but not condescending. I know all of my classmates looked forward to going to class because we admired our teacher and he made the LSAT understandable. Anytime we felt hopeless, he knew how to keep us motivated. I learned more in my TestMasters course than in most of my college classes. Although I plan on retaking the LSAT to see if I can improve my score even more, I know I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for TestMasters. The organized and extensive course materials, together with great instructors and online resources, made my LSAT goals achievable.”