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Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 171

“I had never looked at an LSAT question prior to the first diagnostic of my TestMasters course. My mind stalled when I came to the logic games and it seemed like I had about half of the time I would need to complete the other sections. Kaavya, my instructor, was encouraging from the beginning—she was patient teaching our class the material and reassured us that with time and practice the LSAT is something you can learn and get better at. I was impressed with the amount of practice materials and additional study resources TestMasters has available for students. I believe that TestMasters provides students with everything they need to prepare for the LSAT, and with hard work and focus, I think every student can use the program to increase his or her score. I owe every point of my score increase to the TestMasters system and the support I received from my instructor.”