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Siena College

Before TestMasters: 139

After TestMasters: 151

“I am more than impressed with the attention I received during my time in the TestMasters course. Our instructor Dorothy Moneymaker was really passionate about making sure that her students understood the material, and nearly always had a quick and snappy answer to even the hardest of questions. Her humor and wit in particular kept things personable and interesting as we worked through sample question after sample question.

As the course progressed, on the weekends we took proctored practice tests (which are the same as the actual test), and I used TestMasters’ strategies and methods to improve upon my original score. The reviews the day after were some of the most important classes in terms of focusing on specific areas where I could do better.

I went in on test day feeling confident in my abilities and that I had earned my money’s worth in the course. I highly recommend TestMasters to everyone, and this is coming from someone who used to view the LSAT as a silly base IQ test. The TestMasters course will help out even the biggest of skeptics.”