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University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Before TestMasters: 154

After TestMasters: 170

“When it comes to getting into law schools, your LSAT score is the biggest factor. Just a few extra points can put you into a better range of schools and make the difference when it comes to scholarship money. That said, my decision to attend a full-length TestMasters course has paid for itself, and then some.

Before taking the course, my approach on several practice tests I’d purchased was extremely haphazard. I had no methodology for breaking down the questions; I had no system. TestMasters has basically done the work for you, categorizing all the question types that appear on the LSAT as well as the types of games you will encounter. They also provide you with more practice questions and material drawn from actual LSATs than you will likely ever be able to complete (this is a good thing!!). The TestMasters course not only teaches you the techniques to correctly answer the questions, but breaks down how you are doing on each question type, and thus allows you to see and target your weaknesses. For example, at a point I was getting more Type 2 Questions wrong on the Logical Reasoning sections than I was all other types of questions combined on those sections. Without TestMasters’ methodology of breaking down the question types, I would have remained woefully unaware of this glaring weakness. Studying alone, I never could have recognized this.

Of course, by itself the course is no magic bullet, but if you are willing to put the work in I can virtually guarantee your score will improve. I highly recommend TestMasters to anyone who is serious about law school and willing and able to put the time in that mastering the LSAT requires. Finally, a quick shout-out to my instructor Matt Peterson. He was enthusiastic about the material even when it might get a little dry towards the end of a four-hour class and made himself available by email if we had any questions. Thanks Matt!!”