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University of Richmond

Before TestMasters: 169

After TestMasters: 174

“I had studied on my own for the June LSAT, spending hours every week while teaching and going to school full time independently working through various practice books and reading different companies’ strategies. When I received my score of 169, I was slightly disappointed, but wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make for me to retake the test. Two friends- one a former TestMasters student, and the other a former TestMasters instructor—encouraged me to look into taking a course, specifically a TestMasters one, to see if I could boost my score.

Since I work full-time, I chose to take the online course, so that I could study around my schedule. The combination of video lessons and printed materials taught me to approach the test in a whole new way, and helped me to correct previous mistakes that had previously cost me points or even just valuable time. The TestMasters methodology really clicked with me, and I was able to gain a better understanding of what the LSAT assesses and how.

I had been reluctant to shell out money for an expensive program, but I would happily make the same choice again. Completing the online coursework independently allowed me to raise my score from a 169 in June to a 174 in October, and hopefully will help me to gain admission to the kinds of law schools I’d like to attend!”