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University of Colorado

Before TestMasters: 151

After TestMasters: 173

“The first thing that I did when I decided that I wanted to apply to law school was to call my best friend’s brother, a successful lawyer, for advice about the LSAT. He gave me a five minute lecture about why I shouldn’t even consider taking any other class besides TestMasters. Even though I’d never heard of TestMasters before, I’d heard plenty of negative things about Kaplan and Princeton Review, including from a friend who’d been asked to teach an LSAT class for Kaplan despite having never actually taken the test, so I decided to give them a shot. I am grateful that I took that advice and I was very pleased with the class and with my experience. My instructor was patient and professional, taking the time to explain the concepts and the TestMasters methods thoroughly. I liked that the TestMasters methods were so clearly thought out and designed to avoid confusion while still allowing you some latitude to do what makes the most sense to you. Likewise, I appreciated that TestMasters draws their abundance of practice problems from actual LSATs so that we could really try to get into the heads of the test writers and understand what they were getting at and what they wanted us to do. Taking TestMasters was the sole thing I did to prepare for the LSAT and I’m certainly glad that it was!”