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Before TestMasters: 166

After TestMasters: 178

“TestMasters in general and Josh Holtzman in particular have my undying thanks. I could not have gotten a 178 on the LSAT without TestMasters. From little things like the fact that an either/or construct implies ‘or both,’ to bigger things like the proper way to diagram sufficient/necessary statements, the things I learned from the classes and materials were absolutely instrumental to my LSAT success.

Josh, my instructor, is a great guy and at least as a great a teacher. He was appropriately serious but maintained a sense of humor to leaven what can be a very stressful, anxious process of preparation. He was thorough but not ponderous and always made sure to address any lingering questions, even by email. TestMasters is an intensive course—8 hours of class a week could be rough, but Josh was able to make sure that the course was intensive without being intense. I feel lucky that he was my instructor.

More generally, the TestMasters course is very well put-together. The lessons are clear and the wealth of prep materials is astounding. I took the LSAT twice, and had more than enough practice questions with which to prepare for each. The strategies, tips, and advice are never less than spot-on, and they made the difference between Logic Games being the weak link in a 170-strength chain and, to mix metaphors, a fully-functioning cog in a well-oiled 178 machine. I knew going in that it would require a high degree of self-motivation, but TestMasters makes it easy to apply oneself fully to the task.

I had several friends who insisted I take TestMasters. Having scored a 166 on my first prep test (without having done any prep), I was hesitant to put in the time and money. I am SO glad that I listened to them and made the investment.”