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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 147

After TestMasters: 163

“I just wanted to thank TestMasters for providing me with all of the material that I needed to succeed on the LSAT. I paid for this course myself, because I knew this would inspire me to take it more seriously, and I have to say that it was worth every cent.

I went into my first diagnostic absolutely terrified. I did not know anything about the LSAT and was sure I’d fail every section. Well, my first score was not something I am terribly proud of, but it spurred me to try my hardest throughout the course. I vowed to do every question in the homework, diagnostics, supplemental sections, and in class.

My instructor, Tom, was amazing. He made it clear that he was available to us at all times and even showed up to every lesson early so that we could ask questions (a resource that I took full advantage of). I really liked that the class was small enough that I felt like I was getting personal attention at all times. Tom was great at making sure that none of us fell behind and that we got a true understanding of the material.

I started noticing significant gains by the second diagnostic. I went up 11 points in a few short weeks. TestMasters provided an immense amount of practice material and I was able to do thousands of real LSAT questions. Through talking with friends who took other LSAT preparation courses, I have noticed that only TestMasters provides all of the real LSAT questions from the past 20+ years. My friends never sounded enthusiastic, and definitely never looked forward to going to class. To me, each class meant that I was working toward improving my score, and this was enough to make going to class an exciting prospect.

On the day of the LSAT, I was nervous, of course, but I felt confident and sure that I had done all I could to prepare. In total, I went up 16 points from my initial diagnostic to my official LSAT score. If you take advantage of all of the resources TestMasters provides you with, you too can succeed on the LSAT. Know that by taking the TestMasters course, you are getting the best preparation possible.”