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UC Davis

Before TestMasters: 136

After TestMasters: 159

“OMG! My first diag was a miserable 136. I would’ve completely scrapped the idea of law school if it weren’t for my TestMasters instructor Doug Lawrence. He gave some really solid advice and I plugged away. I ended up getting a 153 on my first LSAT, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was hitting 160 on my practice diags so I knew I had it in me. I signed up for another round of TestMasters classes with Molly Friend, who is another amazing instructor. I knew I did not want to take the LSAT a third time, so I approached studying with a ‘do or die’ attitude; this is when I did EVERY single homework question and every single practice diag offered by TestMasters. Then I took the real LSAT and I got a 159!!! I could not have achieved this without TestMasters and my great instructors, who were soooo patient, knowledgeable and thorough. The strategies helped me master all the question types. Initially, I hated the logical reasoning sections, but the TestMasters strategies worked and I made the largest improvements in logical reasoning and logic games. I am truly grateful to Doug and Molly, I never would’ve believed that I would actually jump 52 percentile points. If you want to put in the work and time, TestMasters will help you master every section of that evil test! I now feel like I can send out my applications with some dignity. ;-)”