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University of Denver

Before TestMasters: 147

After TestMasters: 161

“While prepared to study rigorously for the LSAT, I had a hard time committing to the time and money the TestMasters course would require. But I continued hearing great things about the course and finally signed up. I could not be happier with my decision.

My instructor, Sabrina Jacks, was knowledgeable, accessible, and an incredible educator motivated to help each student do their best on the LSAT. She did an excellent job giving individual attention while always filling each class with important information. The online resources and course materials made studying easier, and I always felt like I was able to get questions answered. It was easy to supplement the engaging classroom discussions and lessons with online explanations as well. Additionally, the TestMasters staff was extremely helpful and supportive.

In the later stages of my prep, I also did private tutoring with Sabrina, who helped me create a personalized study schedule so I could reach my goal. Both TestMasters and Sabrina surpassed all of my expectations, and I’ve already gotten into many law schools I thought were beyond my reach.”