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Before TestMasters: 155

After TestMasters: 172

“I first heard about TestMasters from a friend who was disappointed with his LSAT score and regretted not taking the class. I’ve never been the best standardized test-taker and I felt extra nervous because the LSAT is weighted so heavily in law school admissions. Enrolling in the course assuaged my concerns and helped me improve my score more than I believed I could. My instructors—Anthony Meni, Palmer Heenan, and Genevieve Parshalle—were experts at breaking down the logic underlying complex logical reasoning stimuli and dense reading comprehension passages. They not only spent time teaching us why the correct answers were right, but also emphasized understanding why incorrect answers were wrong and how the test writers made these answer choices seem tempting. Learning how the test-makers thought allowed me to sift through incorrect answer choices efficiently when I was under test day pressure. Logic games, which made as much sense to me as Sanskrit when I took my first diagnostic, consistently became one of my best sections. TestMasters’ method dissected different types of games and showed me how to utilize familiar strategies on games I hadn’t seen before. Most importantly, my instructors were kind, positive-minded people. They made classes entertaining, went above and beyond to answer my questions about the material, and imbued me with confidence that I could score well on this test. I owe my score to TestMasters and would recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT.”