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Before TestMasters: 164

After TestMasters: 175

“Before TestMasters, I felt overwhelmed by the idea of the LSAT and was unsure of how to begin preparing for the test. The structure of the TestMasters course and their method of breaking down different question types was exactly what I needed to make the test feel manageable. My instructor was fantastic and kept the class entertaining while presenting the massive amount of material very clearly.

My score didn’t change much from the first diagnostic test to the second, but I already felt much more confident with the material and knew I would improve. In the last few weeks of the course I was consistently scoring 10-15 points above my starting point on practice tests. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone planning on taking the LSAT—the skill of the instructors, the amount of prep materials provided, and the online resources absolutely makes the class worth the cost.”