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James Madison University

Before TestMasters: 161

After TestMasters: 173

“Having never performed well on standardized tests in the past, I knew I needed to seek help from experienced and knowledgeable professionals in order to perform my best on the LSAT. After the big-name, mainstream course I had signed up for was cancelled, I signed up for TestMasters on a whim, and thank goodness I did! Due to other commitments, I went with the online program, allowing me to work at my own pace. My tutor Anastasia helped me develop a reasonable schedule that I could stick to while still allowing me to maintain my everyday commitments.

I was excited and encouraged after scoring a 161 on my first diagnostic, but after almost two months of studying my score went up a measly two points to a 163. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I called Anastasia on the verge of tears, and she went through all the questions I couldn’t wrap my head around, encouraged me that the course was not yet over, and cautioned that the climb through the 160’s wouldn’t be an easy one.

I focused all my time and energy for the next month on learning the best techniques for tackling all different question types. TestMasters allows its students to truly get to know the LSAT through online webinars and extensive lessons and homework materials. By the time test day rolled around, I had been taking daily diagnostics and felt confident and excited to prove myself through the skills that TestMasters taught me. I ended up scoring a 173 and received close to a full tuition scholarship at my dream school, which four months ago seemed unattainable.

The climb through the 160’s wasn’t easy, but TestMasters made it possible. Thank you TestMasters!”