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Trinity College

Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 170

“Having taken a Kaplan class before my last LSAT with disappointing results, I was apprehensive about beginning the process anew. In my previous class, I had hit a wall just below my target score, and sure enough there were no miracles on test day. But when I arrived at my first day of TestMasters, I knew I had made the right decision. My instructor was able to break things down in such a way that I was in disbelief that I would have previously answered entire groups of questions incorrectly when they can all be approached the same way with reliable results. It took a lot of practice to break some of the habits I’d learned, but TestMasters taught me new ways to understand what was being asked and what the answer should look like, in far less time. I was able to reach my target score by the time we took our third diagnostic, which left me a few weeks to build on what I had learned, and even to relax a bit.”