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University of Michigan

Before TestMasters: 143

After TestMasters: 163

“I am so happy I chose TestMasters to prep for the LSAT. The program was very organized, which helped me feel comfortable with the test and reduced my test anxiety. My instructor Will was approachable, competent, flexible and willing to explain things in many ways if students didn’t understand. His experience, patience and positive attitude helped me become comfortable with the LSAT and achieve a 20 point score increase! The class gives a specific schedule with homework and explains areas to focus on each week, breaking the test into manageable chunks—a great way to tackle a big goal. TestMasters also provided a wealth of practice problems to study and a helpful online resource center to check answers and work specifically on areas that I knew I struggled with. The course was well worth the cost and I am grateful for my helpful instructor and the entire TestMasters staff.”