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University of Michigan

Before TestMasters: 155

After TestMasters: 168

“When deciding on which LSAT prep class to take, I sent an email out to members of my pre-law fraternity, Kappa Alpha Pi, to help me make a decision. Without hesitation, numerous people with prior experience told me to sign up for TestMasters. While they said it would be challenging, they said it was the most extensive and rewarding class, preparing them for even the toughest parts of the exam. I took their advice and enrolled in the prep class for the June 2014 LSAT.

Looking back, I couldn’t have made a better decision. As my classmates said, the class was challenging. But that was the best part about it. Instead of warming up with easy problems so we could understand the concepts for the more challenging problems, we would work on the most difficult problems in each section in class. Although this method was frustrating at times because we wouldn’t always get the questions right, I felt incredibly prepared for all of the parts of the exam. I also appreciated the fact that all of the questions from the homework came directly from previous exams.

My instructor, Will, was excellent. His optimistic and laid-back teaching style was great considering the high levels of stress we were under before coming to class. He always pushed us to do our homework and keep up with our practice exams, a valuable quality compared to other situations where the instructor might just tell you what to do and leave you to do it on your own. Will’s vast knowledge of the intricacies of the test served all of us well. He not only knew why each answer choice was correct, but he knew why all of the other answer choices were wrong. This knowledge helped us look for common mistakes and ‘sucker choices’ at a much higher rate. I believe the level of preparation he showed, likely similar to the rest of the TestMasters instructors, elevates the class to an elite level.

I truly believe I wouldn’t have gotten the score I received without the rigorous and thorough training provided by my TestMasters course. Sure, the class could be hard at times. But in the end, my readiness to take the exam and ultimately my performance showed that all the hard work paid off. So when deciding which class to take to help you prepare for a difficult exam, don’t make things any harder on yourself. Choose TestMasters.”