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Before TestMasters: 159

After TestMasters: 178

“There are three ways in which TestMasters has created an immensely valuable course that rises above the competition. They offer unique and effective problem-solving strategies that enable you to be accurate and swift. They provide you with the best available materials specifically designed to teach, not just throw problem after problem at you. And they have the best instructors, who take the unique strategies and comprehensive materials, and set out to make sure you personally are understanding the concepts conveyed in the lessons. That combination cannot be beat.

Also, my instructor was phenomenal. He not only completely understands the test, but also knows how to explain difficult concepts in ways other people can understand. He’s taught so many people that he can anticipate where you might have a hard time, and goes the extra mile to individualize your preparation to make sure you understand everything. I could not have asked for a better instructor.”