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Before TestMasters: 155

After TestMasters: 173

“Before taking TestMasters, I was very skeptical about the benefits of an LSAT test prep course. The LSAT is supposed to test how you think, so how can a test prep company prepare me in any way that I couldn’t do myself? Well, the answer is: if that test prep company is TestMasters, then you can learn a lot more than you could have imagined. What makes the TestMasters course so unique is that it teaches you the logic necessary for the LSAT. I was fortunate to take the TestMasters course with the creator, Robin Singh, and he taught me how to read each question on the LSAT carefully, analyze the information present, think about the missing information, and find the flaws in the argument’s construction. This type of technique is not only important for scoring well on the LSAT but vital for success in law school. Had I not taken the TestMasters course, I would have studied on my own, taken a few past LSAT tests, read a few test prep books, and could have scored decently on the LSAT. But I would never have scored as high as I did nor gained the insight I have as to how to think critically and logically not only for the LSAT but for law school. If you are going to make an investment in a test prep program, you should get all the value you can out of it. TestMasters offers the greatest value towards your score on the LSAT and towards your future.”