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Before TestMasters: 162

After TestMasters: 177

“After signing up for the test, I canvassed a group of friends who had gone to law school to see how they had prepared. There was the guy at work who had taken a TestMasters class and done all the TestMasters workbooks. And the friend at a party who pulled out his phone and texted ‘TestMasters’ to me when I couldn’t hear what he was saying for a second time. Countless others recommended I check out the TestMasters course, get a Testmasters tutor, or use the online material from the TestMasters site. I have to admit that the resounding support made me curious but also a bit skeptical—how could this place be that good? But after taking the online course, I agree that it is.

The online course is structured for a comprehensive and efficient review of the material covered on the LSAT. With limited time and an unpredictable schedule, it allows you to focus on specific areas while ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks of your study regime. I’d recommend the online course to anyone looking for a way to study independently on a tight timeline...and would even text TestMasters to a friend at a party if they couldn’t hear me raving about it over the music!”