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University of Montana

Before TestMasters: 150

After TestMasters: 172

“I went into my TestMasters class having never looked at a single LSAT question before. After the first diagnostic I was terrified—I had always done well on standardized tests and a 150 was not where I thought I would be. Thankfully, my instructor Laura Ferro was incredible. She not only explained concepts and answered questions thoroughly from many different angles, but also made herself available to help me work through problem areas outside of class. Even when I doubted myself or questioned my ability to get where I wanted to be, she had complete confidence in me.

The TestMasters materials (both the books and the website) were a phenomenal resource. I never ran out of material to practice on despite what seemed like endless hours of studying. I also really appreciated TestMasters’ approach—no gimmicks or tricks, just learning the skills you need to understand and correctly answer questions.

When I walked into the testing center on the day I took the LSAT I knew that I could tackle any question that was thrown at me. It was a complete turnaround from how I felt on that first day of class and TestMasters helped me get there. I just got my score back a few days ago— 172! I moved up 22 points from my score on my first diagnostic, something I wasn’t sure was possible. I would recommend TestMasters to any friend of mine preparing to take the LSAT.”