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Fordham University

Before TestMasters: 145

After TestMasters: 168

“When I decided to pursue law school, I was nervous about the LSAT because, in general, I did not perform well on standardized tests and I knew nothing about this particular test. My friend recommended I sign up for the TestMasters course because he did so and had fantastic results. Thankfully, I listened to him. I was crushed after I scored a 145 on my first diagnostic because I thought my dream of attending law school was over. I thought it would be impossible to achieve my goal of 160, and I considered giving up. However, my TestMasters instructor explained to me that the first test means nothing and told me about success stories of students improving by 20+ points, which made me believe that with TestMasters 160 was still possible. Not only did I reach my goal, I far exceeded it. I am now receiving scholarships at schools that I first labeled as reaches, and I am a competitive applicant at schools that I used to only dream about attending. My 23-point increase is indicative of the incredibly effective methods taught by TestMasters to answer all of the different types of questions on the test as well as the dedicated and highly knowledgeable instructors.”