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University of Chicago

Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 172

“When I signed up for TestMasters I had never looked at an LSAT question before, let alone taken a practice test. I figured that the structure of a course would motivate me to work harder and take the test seriously. My TestMasters course, taught by Shaun Haines, did much more for me than simply provide structure and motivation. Shaun was not only excellent at formal logic and the skills necessary to perform on the LSAT, but also a remarkably gifted teacher. His ability to explain complex logical problems and to make learning about these problems engaging was, in my opinion, the number one reason I ended up succeeding on the LSAT. TestMasters is a well-organized course with lots of helpful resources, but what makes it really excellent is that they hire top-notch instructors like Shaun. When I walked into the the test center on test day, I felt I had truly learned the LSAT and knew it would be my last time taking it.”