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University of Michigan

Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 174

“As soon as I decided to go to law school, I knew how important doing well on the LSAT would be. I also knew that in order to be competitive, it was extremely important to enroll in a prep course—something that I had never done before for any standardized test. Luckily for me, I received great advice from a former TestMasters student and good friend of mine. He told me that TestMasters had improved his score and had also provided a great environment in which to learn about how to take the LSAT. Going off word of mouth alone, I signed up for the TestMasters course, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Though I have always been a strong standardized test-taker, I know I couldn’t have achieved such strong results without the help and guidance of TestMasters. Not only was the material extraordinarily helpful, but my teacher Doug was really great too. He made every class interesting and entertaining and did a wonderful job of explaining and exploring different problems with the class. He somehow was able to teach a class that catered to a wide range of scores and keep it relevant and helpful for all of us. By the final month before the test, I was scoring consistently in the 170s on diagnostics, so I was able to go into the LSAT feeling capable and confident. I owe TestMasters a great deal for the LSAT score I received, and if you want to improve your LSAT score, you should take this course!”