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University of Wisconsin

Before TestMasters: 163

After TestMasters: 169

“I cannot recommend TestMasters enough. I think the course is incredibly well designed and I especially like the no-gimmicks approach that stresses understanding the question rather than teaching ways to guess effectively. My instructor, Josh, was engaging, personable, professional, and knew the material thoroughly. I don’t know if he went above and beyond what is expected of a TestMasters instructor, but he far exceeded any expectations I had.

I had scored as high as 163 before taking the TestMasters class, but I had also scored as low as 157. I was happy with a 163, but I was frustrated that I didn’t understand why I was getting some of the questions wrong, even upon reviewing them. I didn’t really understand the test. A friend talked me into taking a prep course, and I selected TestMasters due to some positive feedback I had seen from other people, as well as some negative feedback about other test prep companies in the area.

As the course progressed, I was getting fewer questions wrong, and I understood why I had missed a question when I reviewed it. It made me realize how little I understood, and how much I had been guessing. I was also getting very fast. On the day of the test I felt very confident, as TestMasters not only prepared me to take the test, but specifically how to approach test day. I got my best score ever that day, a 169. While I had to wait several weeks to get my score, I understood the test well enough at that point, that I knew I had done well and didn’t have to worry.

I work full time, so I didn’t have as much time to devote to studying as I would have liked. I never missed a class, but I didn’t do as much of the homework or use the online resources as much as I should have, and I still got a great result. Even if you’re busy, this course is worth it. I have recommended it to everyone I know thinking about law school.”