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University of Florida

Before TestMasters: 149

After TestMasters: 159

“Law school has always been a dream of mine, but the LSAT terrified me. I was so nervous that I would mess up and ruin my chances at getting into a good school. I heard from friends who had taken the LSAT before that out of all the prep classes available, TestMasters was the best. I took their word for it, signed up, and could not have been happier with the result. Needless to say, the study materials given to us were extensive. The amount of practice problems in one lesson book was more than I ever expected. The books plus the supplemental material online gave me plenty to study with long after the classes were over. I was very impressed by the fact that every problem I ever saw was one that came directly from LSAC, never made up by TestMasters.

The classes were extremely helpful. My instructor (Pamela Black) was very knowledgeable and made herself available before and after class. She was warm, friendly, and approachable. I feel that she started out teaching the slow way of answering the questions, allowing us to get very good at it, then eventually, I began to do it faster in my head instead of on paper. I feel that this way of learning was best because it instilled in me a confidence that I did not have before.

The diagnostics were especially helpful because they gave me a sense of what the actual test would be like. I attended the proctored exams as well as took some on my own. It was helpful to get my score back immediately after taking a diagnostic and being able to see what I did wrong, what needed improving, etc.

Overall, my experience with TestMasters was extremely positive. I would recommend TestMasters to anyone planning on taking the LSAT. My score jumped 10 points from my first diagnostic, which is a testament to the extremely helpful classes, ample material, and the amount of time I put into studying.”